Is The First
Proof Of Transaction
Consensus Driven Blockchain

What is TAUT?

TAUT is a Proof Of Transaction Protocol based Digital Currency forked out of POT testnet. TAUT offers decentralized and permission less Digital Currency on PC based Blockchain and uses POT to reach consensus for transactions.

Most existing cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin uses POW to reach consensus for transactions, at TAUT we use POT which doesn't require any hardware for mining.

TAUT has a total supply of 700 million Coins.

History Of TAUT

During the development of TAU mobile MainNet, the Proof of Transaction testnet was working well and serving 250K users with more than 500 million coins fully distributed in 3.6 millions transactions. It had 30 full nodes, Web Wallet, Explorer and Android wallet.
Rather than shutdown such a wonderful test network, TAU foundation wanted to give the testnet entirely to the community as a new digital currency. Testnet was renamed to “TAUT” and launched as TAUT mainnet on permission-less decentralized PC based blockchain.

Mobile Wallet

Mobile Wallet for TAUT, Proof of Transaction Coin. Mobile wallet protects owner’s private keys and easy to operate. There is no central storage for your private key, so please keep it safe. TAUT coin proposes a fast, fair and secure currency without inflation. Users, grow and secure the network by doing common behavior - transactions. No advantage is for concentrating wealth and hardware as in POS and POW. Low barrier to coins and club voting are TAUT implementation of fairness. TAUT envisions to pure mobile mining network. Download TAUT wallet via google play

Get referral bonus

Your venture could be telegram group, gaming, youTube, article writing, translation and education. The more people you bring to your network, the more referral links you can promote to earn taucoins. There is no limit set for referral link bonus to encourage enterprenueship in TAU community.

TAUT Coin Features

Pc Mining

TAUT PC mining tutorial is available here : start Pc Mining . Also we will put a video to teach users how to configure their mining wallet in Ubuntu

Mobile Wallet

TAUT' Mobile wallet protects owner’s private keys and easy to operate. There is no central storage for your private key, so please keep it safe.

Proof-of-Transaction Consensus Protocol

With Proof-of-Transaction, miners are competing on accumulating transactions to generate new blocks and get transaction fees. The more transactions you have made, the higher chance you can harvest fees on a block. The longer the transaction history, the more “Total Consensus Strength” the network has.

Get TAUT Easily

Easier for all miners and beginners to get coins.


TAUTcoin grow your wealth and protect. Super fast and secure without inflation.

TAUT Allocation

Why Use TAUT Wallet?

Safe & Secure

TAUT Wallet is very safe and secure to protect your funds.

Fast Transaction

TAUT's transactions are fast when transferring TAUT from one to another taut wallet.

Send and Receive

Using TAUT wallet, you can easily send & receive TAUT and store your TAUT safely.


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